Suddenly Single

Breaking up is hard to do, but here's our guide to doing it!!! Follow Maddy, Glo and Friends on their wild and crazy adventures (after gaining their newfound freedom) while navigating the streets of Atlanta. Hopefully this will make the transition from Housewife to Hot Girl!!!

We hope to show progression on every episode. We want to show the journey from suddenly being suddenly single to suddenly single and happy while enjoying and living our best life.

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Available Episodes

EPISODE 5: The Real Housewives of Petty

Where do we begin, this week we cover a myriad of topics ranging from Summer Walker, the 5 rules of having sex with a new partner for the first time, girl code, and "Allegedly" some behind the scene stories from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" as told to us by Tha Real Diva Shonna.

Epiosode 4: Bye Hot Gyrl Summer, Hello Fvck Boi Fall

On this week's episode Glo and Maddy discuss some of the problems social media can cause your relationship as we also say "Bye to Hot Gyrl Summer and Hello to Fvck Boi Fall. We get into our feelings about the Amber Guyer trial, "Alleged" Serial RAPIST Kenneth Bowen, Black Sentencing vs "White Privileged" Sentencing, and a shoot out to our Social Justice Warriors, but why don't we (as a people) don't do more?

Episode 3: Romance without Finace... Continued

On this episode Maddy tells us about her Suddenly Single. We also discuss Antonio Brown, Donald Trump, and one of the most heinous crimes I've ever heard.

Episode 2: Romance without Fiance... Part 1

This week on Suddenly Single in Atlanta Glo and Maddy discuss Romance and Finance with credit specialist Adrian Vernon. Glo talks about her transition from Housewife to Hot Girl, and we talk about various issues in DAMN.

Episode 1: Dating After...

Join us for our 1st episode!!! Follow Maddy and Glo on their wild adventures (after gaining their newfound freedom) in the streets of Atlanta while making their transformation from Housewives to Hot Girls.

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