Minds of Mischief

ATLPN welomes JC Squared Presents: Minds of Mischief is a weekly "Week In Review" Show with a morning radio Flair and Energy. The Mischievous Podcast is Hosted By award-winning multimedia personality Jason Carey w/ Javon "Hova" Chambers, Pedro Francois, and Jaxon Reed AKA "The Minds of Mischief." This group of men cover a range of social events, issues that effect Men, Man vs Women Relations, Sports, Music, and Technology. Join the conversation as the fellas entertain, educate, and challenge you each and every week!

Season One

Bubble Cooch Entanglements - Minds of Mischief

This week its a 3 man show with Papii Fresh off handling personal business. The Fellas picked up the slack left by sir Fresh with tangents and random comments that would derail a normal conversation but HEY...nothin is normal about this bunch. The unavoidable conversation of Will, Jada, and August could NOT be left alone by the men of M.O.M. as Jaxon hands out the Y.A.S. to Jada reluctantly. J Boy expresses his feelings about the name change of his beloved Redskins and discusses Wayfair's alleged transgressions. Hova updates us on the Madden 99 club and reminds us of the craze around bunghole bleaching. YEP...it's that kind of show this week. Enjoy a truly mischievous Podcast | Produced by Jason Carey | Distributed by ATL Podcast Network | follow @mindsofmischief @jason804 @javonchambers @papiiFresh @itsjaxon on all Social Media

We Didn't Ask For That - Minds of Mischief

Quarantine is supposedly still going on, Covid reports are questionable but stated to be on the rise so all those "heat kills Covid" Folks are real quiet. "J Boys List" gives us the deadliest Viruses in History. Injustice rages on along with the protest and Breonna Taylor's killers are still Free. Yet viacom gave us a BET awards to remember but the commercial breaks were filled with corporate apologies and what J Boy is calling "black appeasement ", The Simpsons and Family Guy Voice actors stepping down from their roles voicing characters of color, L'oreal is tripping and jumps out the window, Master bedrooms are no longer cool, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are leaving {deep breath} Yes, all that is cool BUT "WE DIDN'T ASK FOR THAT"...Listen in and find out if Jaxon is giving any passes, He and Pappi Fresh Debate who won the John Legend vs Alicia Keys verzuz battle. Que Pasa with Pappi Fresh? Hova weighs in on the big Free agent news in pro sports and drops a bible verse. It's Minds of Mischief back to you with another full week of Mischief! | Produced by Jason Carey | Distributed by ATL Podcast Network | follow @mindsofmischief @jason804 @javonchambers @papiiFresh @itsjaxon on all Social Media

A Man's Beat Bag - Minds of Mischief

After weeks of HEAVY shows the guys return to their mischievous roots with this episode!! Why are we even still talking about the confederate soldiers...they lost!? Anyway, post Father's Day Papii Fresh has his BEST Father's Day ever, while Jaxon learns a new respect for "Tiger,Tiger Woods Ya'll". Hov tries to bite his tongue but J Boy's list and line of questioning sparks a conversation that many men hesitate to have out loud. This week the fellas really ask about a "Beat Bag". You read that right a Man's Beat Bag...no telling where this subject may go. The ladies ears will probably perk up on this episode...ENJOY! | Produced by Jason Carey | Distributed by ATL Podcast Network | Follow @jason804, @javonchambers89, @papiifresh, @itsjaxon, @atlpodcastnetwork

Lubricated Stones - Minds of Mischief

Kissing Wookies, listing top sex toys, J Boy declares his HATE for Sammy Sosa, and talking about Lubricated stones?? A truly mischievous episode this week. The fellas...heck the world is trying to move to the next phase of this 20+ days of straight protest. The City is STILL on fire, we were hoping to have a light hearted show. BUT following the Rayshard Brooks shooting at the Wendy's in Atlanta J Boy is struggling with the moment and can't really focus on much else. Jaxon comes off a tough weekend, Hova & Papii Fresh are reflecting. Jason believes the conversations are getting "muddy" when it comes to current times and the fight for social injustice, he believes we all need to stay focused!! Check out the latest episode and get into these Minds Of Mischief. | Produced by Jason Carey | Follow @Mindsof Mishcheif @Jason804, @javonchambers89 @papiifresh @itsJaxon on instagram and twitter

City on Fire Pt. II: Not Buying It - Minds of Mischief

Last week was a longer show and we STILL didn't get it all in so we had to run it back! Protest have continued as the "Year of History" that is 2020 rolls on. Racist are getting exposed online, companies and professing their allegiance to the cause but the fellas aren't quite buying it. The team weighs in on Drew Bree's misstep and the apology...again NOT BUYING IT. Cops threatening to resign, others getting arrested, but until convicted the public is NOT BUYING IT. Hova hits us with a themed "That's Stupid", Jaxon on Music is back as we celebrate the release of Jaxon's Single. The guys had a lot more to say on this second part, extended version. So, as a collective the M.O.M. crew has a bit of hope for the future, for change because of the spectrum of protesters. America sounds fed up just let's see if they can in **J Boy voice** "stay on the wave". Right now we are NOT BUYING IT!

City on Fire - Minds of Mischief

[WARNING: Explicit Language/Strong Content]- This Week is really NOT a joke...Cities are on fire, our city is on Fire, the people are emotionally on FIRE!! 2020 has been absolutely nuts and a familiar pain has created a new level of chaos or is history repeating itself. On the heels of #GeorgeFloyd brutality video and death cities across the world protest inequality and the continued killing of black men by police. The whole team is frustrated, J BOy has a message for all the "gangster dudes", Papii Fresh & Jaxon want to explore building a new system or burning the existing system down. This extended episode is necessary, passionate, and perhaps the conversation that some needed. It's no coincidence that Minds of Mischief is a conversation with four black men...everyone wants to know how we're doing? This is nothing new but we're NOT OK. | Featuring Jason Carey, Javon Chambers, Papii Fresh, and Jaxon Reed |Produced by Jason Carey

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