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Atlanta's Hot Socially driven Media Network focusing on providing content for various topics from dating, social media, politics, sports, fashion, love, life, and finance. This is the online destination for the very best in diverse on-demand podcasts. We try to make it easy for people to discover, connect, and engage with a selection of different, diverse podcasts which cover a range of topics.

We take pride in providing great original shows with wonderful content!

Launched in early 2016, The ATL PODCAST NETWORK strives to be the number one location for Atlanta based podcast listeners. With over 75,000 downloads, we have enjoyed the years of Podcasting in the city of Atlanta. Reaching all points on the globe, from Vietnam to Australia, we have listeners everywhere and appreciate everyone that has joined the movement in making this network world renowned.

Now we are making a move to make it easier to hear our content. With the addition of a live-streaming service, you can tune-in at any time a hear scheduled content whenever you want. The evolution of the ATL PODCAST NETWORK in providing listeners with yet another platform.


Check out the selection of podcast listed on our network below. Click on the picture to listen to episodes and to read show details.

Literally, A hilarious show about nothing!

Listen to an upbeat, wild, and crazy show that touches on just about everything and nothing at the same time. Although Mo and her panel is all over the place with their subject matter, they sometimes touch on both the serious and social aspects of things. This is a true open platform that doesn't hold back at all. FYI - There is very explicit subject matter and language at times, but isn't real life full of that anyway?

With over 60 Episodes spanning over 3 years of craziness, we've got a lot of podcasts for you to listen to. Mo About Nothing is by far one of the ATL PODCAST NETWORK best shows. This podcast is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.

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Another great show with two lovely ladies

The wait is over... Here we go folks... Here's another great podcast with the beautiful Angel Lashonn ( @angellashonn ) and Tia ( @tia_nala_love ). Continuing from The Atlanta Social Podcast with more focused content based on all things social focused on a perspective from women of color between the ages of 25 to 45.

Every episode is full of some of the craziest stories ever told from Tia, with Angel policing her as she tries her best to be over the top with her mouth. Check out the ladies music picks of the week as well as introductions to every entertaining aspect of their lives.

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We are dedicated to providing more than entertainment

Mental Unwind is a podcast dedicated to educating and empowering racial minorities about mental health. Our goal is to provide factual information in a casual setting that allows unbiased and non-judgmental discussion about mental health issues that affect our communities. We will have guests that are experts and/or persons living with a mental illness. We want to be the podcast that helps you unwind your mental health concerns.

Mental Unwind is here to detangle your mind. So explore, and visit Therapist KP's Website if you would like to utilize one of her services. Until then, try to be the best version of you.

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Listen to authenticity at it's finest!

Anissa Amason (@anissaamason) & Ellen Nicoll (@ellennicoll) are two fitness professionals (@anissaellenraw / who woke up one morning and realized that turning 50 and experiencing menopause + mid life could really suck ass at times. After lamenting about their struggles in aging gracefully to their friends, fitness family and anyone else who would listen, they discovered other women who were experiencing similar issues. So they decided to share their real life health & wellness struggles, adventures and ridiculousness in open dialogue with other women, hoping to inspire self awareness, self acceptance & self love. Join their unfiltered conversations to get real and get raw about women's empowerment, wellness and all around badassness. This is your AUTHENTICITY wake up call!

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Who is Host Gawd Oye?
Well... He's an Innovative & Creative Mind.

Atlanta's Number One and Hottest Host Orator brings his words to your ears and his talents to ATLPN.COM in what can only be described as legendary. Dropped whenever the spirit moves him, Oye will be popping up new podcast for the public weekly sharing his wisdom, point of view, and experiences.

Every episode is quick and to the point and the subjects vary based on the mood and what inspired the man to put down his thoughts on wax.

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Internationally know as the Intelligent Podcast

Intelligent and Thought Provoking Conversation. Host Jason Carey brings forth conversations worthy of debate during his podcast which is bound to be one of the greatest.

Jason Carey is an American Actor/Entertainer born and raised in Richmond, VA. He's the star/writer/director of a hit web series, Radio Personality, Event Host, and published recording/performance artist. A self-made rising star on the highly competitive American entertainment scene; Jason developed his irresistibly charismatic, fearless stage presence at an early age.

To learn more about Jason or to see where to experience his talents next, visit


All things Atlanta and all things Social

Come hang out in the VIP section with Angel Lashonn as she hosts a show that will bring interesting conversation, interviews, and all the social aspects of life. We bring in a variety of local flavor to the show to play games, talk relationships, and straight up act foolish on each and every show. This show is presented from a womans point of view but the guys are there to giving their opinions

Who is Angel Lashonn? Living and working in Atlanta as a singer/songwriter for many years, Angel always had a strong affinity for fashion design and the empowerment of women of all ages. These forces aligned through the launch of her digital clothing & accessories boutique, Fab Junkie and has fully taken flight with her weekly podcast series. With a love for fashion, music and entertainment, it is no surprise that her desire to operate in love has led Angel to be selected as a cast member on Will Packer's reality dating series, Ready to Love, on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network.


Grown Men Talking About Life

We are so excited about this podcast, and so is the world!!! This show was developed out of necessity. Some of the homies have settled down with women and could no longer be technically called Single Men (The Single Man Chronicles Podcast), so we had to switch up the concept a bit. The overall formula hasn't changed, but we have modified the amount of the ingredients added. Ladies, if you want to hear what guys talk about when they are just hanging out, talking shit, and mostly discussing women, check this podcast out. This is an unscripted, totally improvised show.

The panel of men on this show varies from episode to episode, but we make sure the podcast in informative, honest, and real.


The Power of a Mother and Daughter Combined

Check out this Short Pop-up Podcast with the amazing and talented Nala and her mom Natia. We have so much fun during these recording sessions with Nala. She is a truly talented personality and podcaster at her young age. It's definately a peak back at our youth listening to Nala as she describes all of the concerns of the day for a young girl growing up in US.

Keep up with Nala and Tia as they periodically post episodes when the mood hits just right.


The Podcast That Started it All!

Conversation Parties aren't a new concept and have been occurring for years but without being in a studio with recorders recording all of the action. On ATLPN, we wanted to create a platform that would allow the same conversations that occur during parties to be recorded and then shared to others online for their enjoyment. This podcast will spawn conversations about the interactions between in-studio guests, bring about thought provoking discussions and countless laughs. This is literally the very first podcast ever produced at the ATL Podcast Network. We went through hundreds of questions and scenarios on all of the seasons presented.


No Filter, Single Men and their Exploits

If you ever wanted to know how single men, with adequate financial means, an abundance of confidence, and a well lived life answers questions about dating and interacting with the Women of Atlanta, listen to this podcast.

This podcast is raw and unfiltered and pulls no punches in reference to telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how women act and are perceived by men.

There are stories of our youth, stories of dates gone horribly bad, sex escapades of the past, and tales of just living life as a single man in Atlanta.


Talent + Funny + Smoke

The Inception of something great... Live from the Frat Houz, The I.C.O.N.Z. are here and they are talking about everything from #music #love #life #fashion #entertainment - Four Brothers doing it in ATL. We are going in deep. The boys from I.C.O.N.Z. sit down in the ATLPN.COM studios and get lit with substances, microphones, and their thoughts.

Often showing their talents and regularly showing their brotherhood, these are the cousins that show you how effortless some people provide entertainment.


Limited Series from Cherrie Mcrae

C-Section is a show title I thought best describes my Live Stream goals. The Motive? To catch the attention of listeners and peak their interests in an effort to tune in. "C" stands for Host, Cherrie and Section is, well, 'MY' Section; My Area; where you, my listening audience can locate me as well as my special guests/co-hosts.

Created as a companion podcast to the published audio book authored Success Memoirs Vol 1 by artist, writer, model, and actress Cherrie Mcrae, this podcast has the author expounding on each chapter as well as special guest giving insight on subjects that are written about in the book.


Funny and interesting stories from Comediens and their Dogs

When a comedian has a soft spot for pups, it just makes them all the more lovable. We've decided to meet up with these awesome pups and have them bring their lovable comedian moms or dads along. Listen as we catch up with what's going on in the life of the doggie dads and moms and hear the sometimes heartfelt and sometimes hilarious stories of how they all came together. Hope you enjoy this podcast that is hosted by the very talented, Vanessa Fraction.

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Limited Series from the ladies from the West Coast

Before moving on the IBNX radio, these two wonderful ladies graced our airwaves and provided some great episodes. CeeJay Ray and KB have a friendship that spans over ten years and it shows through their chemistry on and off air. Together they formed Degrees and Chuck T's, a show rooted in their appreciation for music, especially Hip Hop. CeeJay and KB have the dexterity to give their unfiltered opinions on pop culture, politics, and issues affecting the everyday person. Both holding Communications degrees, the ladies of Degrees and Chuck T's exhibit their talents in Marketing, Public Relations, and Production to build their brand. These savvy women have the drive and willpower to focus on the future by creating it.


Pulling back the curtain on the industry (Limited Series)

Listen as host and actor Amber-Tai Hemphill leads a cast of wonderful talents as they tell their stories of living life behind the scenes. Giving you weekly insight on real life struggles as they attempt to maintain and balance their life between the business and simply surviving day to day with a dream of being great.

Amber brings in people from the industry to help tell the story of how it really is to work daily at a craft that at times is without forgiveness or compasion.


The Ladies of Unfiltered (Limited Series)

The purpose of Unfiltered Radio is to express the different personalities and points of view of this group of women; touching specific topics in pop culture, health, politics, relationships and more. We will also create the tone for how opinionated women can actually operate in the same setting. Our goal is to engage our audience by inviting them to interact with us via phone calls, social media, and potentially as a guest on the show.

This podcast was one of the most popular when in production. Catch up on what the fuss was all about as you listen to some great episodes with some amazing guest. Stay tuned for episode releases from time to time as well.



Listen as a group of wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent women speak on topics from current events to pop culture as well on putting a spotlight on things men are obliviously ignorant to. I guess to summarize, the goal of this podcast would be two fold. (1). Allow the women of ATLANTA, GA a platform to influence and motivate others with positive vibes and encouragement. (2). Teach all the men of ATLANTA on what not to do in their pursuit of finding their self-worth while attempting to gain favor. Check out the episodes that are available online.


Best of the ATL Podcast Network Podcasts

With so many quality shows and episodes, we attempt to provide summaries of seasons and mid-seasons every now and again. Here are a few "Best Of" episodes that highlight specials portions of some of our shows. Hopefully, you will listen to these excerpts and want to listen to the complete episode.

These "Best Of" episodes go all the way back to the beginning of the network and will provide you a front row seat to how the podcast network has evolved. Enjoy!



We like to think we started the live podcast event phenomenon becase we did it back in 2016. Every now and then, the network likes to get our listeners together and produce a wonderful live event that is comprised of talent from the audience and from our ranks of Podcast hosts. We receive an extremely generous amount of support, so we think that it would be fun to invite a few people to a live event so they can actually enjoy and possibly join in on the recording session. We secure an upscale location for every live event. The last events were held at the Le Meridien in the Perimeter Area of Atlanta, GA. After the shows conclude, we upload them to our media locations for your entertainment. Listed below are all of our past shows for your listening enjoyment.



Breaking up is hard to do, but here's our guide to doing it!!! Follow Maddy, Glo and Friends on their wild and crazy adventures (after gaining their newfound freedom) while navigating the streets of Atlanta. Hopefully this will make the transition from Housewife to Hot Girl!!!

We hope to show progression on every episode. We want to show the journey from suddenly being suddenly single to suddenly single and happy while enjoying and living our best life.

You can find this particular podcast on these additional platforms: TuneIN | YouTube


Found Love Podcast

The actual story of how people found love isn't always a story book romance... But some times it is... This podcast is about how people found love, what they had to do to prepare for that love, and how they plan on keeping the love that they have waited for. Hosted by Brian and Vanessa, who start off the series journaling their past experiences, relationships, and what they did to prepare for each other.

This is not a podcast about answers or a series where couples try and preach to those who choose to be single or individuals that haven't found their special someone. This is just a podcast about the paths couple took for their Found Love.


Minds of Mischief

ATLPN welomes JC Squared Presents: Minds of Mischief is a weekly "Week In Review" Show with a morning radio Flair and Energy. The Mischievous Podcast is Hosted By award-winning multimedia personality Jason Carey w/ Javon "Hova" Chambers, Pedro Francois, and Jaxon Reed AKA "The Minds of Mischief." This group of men cover a range of social events, issues that effect Men, Man vs Women Relations, Sports, Music, and Technology. Join the conversation as the fellas entertain, educate, and challenge you each and every week!


Two Therapist & A Microphone

Two Therapists and a Microphone is a podcast featuring insightful interviews and stories from experts in mental health, social, and relationship issues. The show is designed to help you gain knowledge about yourself and the world we live. Your hosts are Dr. Harrison Davis and Dr. Asha Dickerson, psychotherapists and counseling professors in Atlanta, GA. Licensed as a Professional Counselor, Dr. Harrison Davis has accrued 20 years of clinical experience, giving him a unique perspective of what is possible in terms of personal growth and change. Asha Dickerson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, educator, consultant, and speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. Asha has worked with individuals and families of all age ranges and her clinical and academic specialties include multicultural issues, addicted families, and blended family issues.


Popular and Latest Episodes

Here are a few of our new episodes as well as a few that have really made an impact on our listeners.

We're so sorry this episode posting is late this week. But are we really sorry? Or do we feel like we have to apologize because we want to acknowledge the fact that you may have been looking for it earlier this week when we promised it'd be posted but we didn't come through for you when we said we would even though we've been busy and it's not even that late and remember patience is a virtue? I mean, c'mon... we really didn't do anything to have to apologize for. Comedian, Actress, Entertainer Vanessa "Action" Fraction is back in the studio to shoot the shit about why we always feel compelled to say "I'm sorry" all the time, even when the situation doesn't warrant it. And we briefly touch on a future episode: Are You a Panties On or Panties Off Kinda Gal? @anissaellenraw @anissaamason @ellennicoll @vanessafraction

We are at it again! @its_meaux_ takes over the studio and we go into a internet spiral watching our new favorite artist Durand Bernarr. Check out other shows on the ATL Podcast Network as well as previous shows of MO ABOUT NOTHING on ATLPN.COM as well as SoundCloud, Itunes, and Google Play. #ATL #ATLPN #ATLPODCASTNETWORK @Like4likes #PODCAST #ATLANTA #unfiltered - Produced by @million_dollar_bt

Closing out the year with a little honesty and authenticity from Tia( @tia_nala_love ) and Angel ( @angellashonn ) on the last podcast of 2020. This podcast along with the previous episode, exposes the real sincere women that host this podcast on a entire new level. Joined by Vanessa Fraction ( @vanessafraction ) they speak on their truths without being judged, their insecurities, their wants, and expectations in men. Continuing from The Atlanta Social Podcast with more focused content based on all things social focused on a perspective from women of color between the ages of 25 to 45. #ATL #ATLPN #ATLPODCASTNETWORK #PODCAST #ATLANTA #love #blackwomen #social - Produced by @million_dollar_bt

Note: For the listeners that are trying to figure out the conversation at the end, it is about one of our panel members that was on a date and his ex was a few feet away in the same section at a club. So many different directions this conversation went on this night. Good fun and so many laughs. Check out other shows as well as previous shows of MO ABOUT NOTHING on ATLPN.COM as well as SoundCloud, Itunes, and Google Play.

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