Two Therapist & A Microphone

Two Therapists and a Microphone is a podcast featuring insightful interviews and stories from experts in mental health, social, and relationship issues. The show is designed to help you gain knowledge about yourself and the world we live. Your hosts are Dr. Harrison Davis and Dr. Asha Dickerson, psychotherapists and counseling professors in Atlanta, GA. Licensed as a Professional Counselor, Dr. Harrison Davis has accrued 20 years of clinical experience, giving him a unique perspective of what is possible in terms of personal growth and change. His aim is to guide adults who are ready to overcome tough challenges, including excessive worrying, resentment, depression, poor decision-making, self-defeating behaviors, and relationship shortcomings. Asha Dickerson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, educator, consultant, and speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Dickerson is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, and alumna of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she received bachelor's and master's degrees. She received her Ph.D. from Auburn University. Asha has worked with individuals and families of all age ranges and her clinical and academic specialties include multicultural issues, addicted families, and blended family issues.

Season One

EP001 - Difficult Conversations - Two Therapist and a Microphone

Here we go! Here is the first episode on the network for Dr. Harrison Davis ( @harris328 ) and Dr. Asha Dickerson ( @dr_ashasd ), psychotherapists and counseling professors here in Atlanta, GA. Listen as they introduce themselves to our platform and discuss some very important topics that are dominating the headlines. They introduce a few guests in on the panel to give their professional perspective on today's climate. Listen as they discuss various ways to speaking to your children about the atrocities occurring daily and the ongoing police violence against POC and protestors.

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